About Us-Live Natural

Formally known as Alpha RX Plus LLC., we started in business 2012 providing our core product for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The product Alpha RX Plus which was very successful for our customer base of men for ridding ED.

In 2017 we sold our company to our lab partners to focus on personal family issues. In 2018 our lab partners ask us to go back in business to market and sell Alpha RX Plus.

In 2019 we added a product for Women Eve's Alpha8 a revolutionary solution to assist in the ease of sex and Libido renewal.

Fat Jack cream for men has also been a revolutionary product offered

alongside Alpha RX plus since 2012.

Realizing men are constantly looking for new and accelerated solutions to combat erectile dysfunction, along with our partners we are offering what we consider 2.0 in defeating erectile dysfunction, Virility Candy.

Our company was started in 2012 based on personal need, and disappointment in over the counter products offered for Men. Alpha RX Plus reinvented and became Live Natural, aligning with the success and effectiveness of our core product.

Live Natural is based in San Diego, California two blocks from the beach, and coastal trials so we can continue living natural.